Dr. Dean J. Campbell
Associate Professor of Chemistry
1501 W. Bradley Ave., Peoria, IL 61625



Research and Creative Interests:
Synthesis and characterization of colloidal particles and other nanostructures - These small structures can have characteristics (e.g. optical and catalytic properties) that distinguish them from both individual molecules and extended solid structures.  Nanostructures such as colloidal gold and palladium particles are synthesized by a variety of wet chemical methods and then characterized by techniques such as UV/visible absorption spectroscopy and electron microscopy. 
Development of educational demonstrations and laboratory experiments in chemistry - These activities range from modeling chemical structures and instrumentation with LEGO® bricks to developing cost-effective, easily observable demonstrations of the properties of nanostructures.

Student Opportunities:

Student researchers will participate at all levels in the research, including design and implementation of experiments, and interpretation and presentation of results. Students must be reliable, must keep good records, and must be committed to moving the research forward. Creativity and good writing skills are a plus. Research can be conducted for credit during the academic year and potentially for a stipend during the summer.

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