Internship Information


The Internship Coordinator is Dr. Craig Curtis, 426B Bradley Hall, 677-2492.

If you want to do an internship, either come to the Internship Coordinator for ideas and contacts, or make the first contact yourself if you are sure the internship is the type that qualifies.  Sure bets include political campaigns, legislative offices, and government agencies.

Registering for PLS 480: Enrollment is by reserve card only. See the Internship Coordinator to enroll.

Student Obligations: PLS 480 is a variable credit hour offering. You may receive one to six hours of credit, depending on the amount of time you spend in your internship. 70 contact hours with the internship organization are required for each hour of academic credit. In addition to working the required number of hours, the following tasks must be completed in order to receive credit:

You must keep a journal, at least on a weekly basis.

You must complete an academic project, to be negotiated with me. Commonly, a 3to 5 page paper is required for three hours of credit, but other options than a paper are encouraged.

What else: You need to provide contact information for your internship site supervisor to the Internship Coordinator, typically a job title and an e-mail address will do. Your supervisor will evaluate your performance during the course of the internship. Of course, your work must be satisfactory in order to receive a passing grade.

Grades: The internship course is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. You must have all the requirements of the course completed and all documentation in my office by the last day of exams of the semester in which you are to receive credit. Incompletes will be awarded only in accordance with the official Bradley University Policy as set out in the Bradley Student Handbook and the Undergraduate Catalog.

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