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Outlines for class lectures

Chapter # File
Syllabus Section 1 45701syllabusSpring2001.doc (51k)
Syllabus Section 2 45702syllabusSpring2001.doc (48k)
Chapter 1 Intro to auditing function (56k)
Chapter 4 Assertions, audit risk, & materiality (50k)
Materiality assignment (28k)
Chapter 5 Audit Procedures and Working Papers (48k)
Chapter 2 Code of Conduct and Ethics (48k)
Chapter 12 Planning the Engagement (57k)
Chapter 6 Consideration of Internal Control (29k)
Chapter 15 Auditing the Expenditure Cycle (39k)
Chapters 9 & 10 Audit Sampling Concepts (35k)
Attribute & PPS Sampling (59k)
ACL Project You will need these files to complete the project. No need to do anything with them until we meet in the PC lab.

Please bring two 3.5" disks to class to back up your work.

Chapter 19 Wrapping up the Audit (41k)
Chapter 11 Analytical Procedures (28k)
Chapter 8 Auditing with the Computer (35k)
Chapter 23 Internal and Operational Auditing (138k)
Final Exam
  • Two take-home essay questions for final exam (29k)
  • Excel spreadsheet for take home essay questions (17k)
  • Review sheet for in-class exam - 40 multiple choice questions @ 2 points each. (29k)

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